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  1. If they do indeed shift the signup bonus focus to checking accounts, due to fractional reserve banking. HOWEVER, due to so many people in the US living paycheck to paycheck, they’re going to have to figure out how low they can set the cash deposit requirement in order to capture more customers. But I’m sure they’ll figure out a way haha.

  2. The rewards we just a byproducts of the recession to get us going again and spending again. Now everyone is spending or taking advantage there going to change the reward system.

  3. credit card companies will probably copy all your ideas and act like it was a new idea they just created.. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info. I've been trying to be a better credit card consumer. Definitely trying to get out of the bad cycle I've caused for myself. Thanks. Just subscribed

  5. Like and comment.

    I have watched a crap ton of your videos and in general I think you have great ideas. As a less than 25 yr-old professional making an awesome amount (although not as good as you) your videos have really helped me focus my investments.

  6. I'd agree about checking and savings account offers getting very good right now. Got one from a local back for $250 for open a new account. Got another one from chase for $600 for opening both checking and savings account.

  7. So with the end of the credit card sign up bonus have you noticed any up trend with bonuses offered with savings accounts? For example, a Discover bank savings account offered a 2% APY: $200 bonus for 20k deposit…and today I received in the mail another offer, Capitol One 360 Money Market, 2% APY: $200 for 10k deposit, that doubles the bonus! Perhaps this is the new trend…thoughts? (understanding that one is guaranteed and the other is not(FDIC vs SPIC)

  8. I really love this video. You’ve been saying the very same thing for a while for real. I hope things will still be good and allow me to apply for two premium cards soon.

  9. It's not free money with the Reserve and the Platinum because you have to pay the annual fee before getting the "bonus". That bonus is your annual fee refunded in the form of points.

  10. Aw :/ just as I almost had my credit back to par.. Made mistakes young with uneducated parents :,( (at least I still have avocado toast)

  11. “Rose” in french means “Pink” they use a French world instead of a English world. Because “Amex Pink Gold” sounds less luxurious

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