Rental Property in Motueka 2BR/1BA by Rental Property Management in Motueka

Rental Property in Motueka 2BR/1BA by Rental Property Management in Motueka

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The walkthrough tour of this 2-bedroom, fully-furnished apartment in Motueka area is brought to you by the industry leader in rental property management in Motueka–Rented Property Management! This 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Motueka is truly like no other. Treasure the spacious and well-lit open plan dining and lounge area, the fully-equipped kitchen with lots of cabinet space, the good-sized bedrooms with sliding doors that lead to the large patio area, the well-appointed bathroom, and the nice yard this apartment has to offer. Wonderfully tidy and fully-furnished, this apartment is perfect for anyone looking for style and modern convenience.

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