Property investment guide Great Dunmow Uttlesford Essex

Property investment guide Great Dunmow Uttlesford Essex

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Today, we are looking at Great Dunmow, in Uttlesford, Essex.
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This is “The Best” rural place to live in the UK

We research up-and-coming property from hotspot areas that are just about to take off. Great Dunmow and Uttlesford have definitely already arrived.

It’s an extremely desirable area where demand for property has already pushed prices up 35% above national average. But does this mean you should rule it out as an investment?
Never say never! As always you need to look at the fundamentals of every opportunity.

The closeness of Stansted Airport means the area is forecast good growth. Then there’s the affluent population that has above average wages and high employment level. This means there’ll be a good quality of tenant who may be willing to pay more than in other areas that aren’t yet on their radar. Phenomenal demand because of Uttlesford’s desirable status should also minimise any vacant letting periods. So there’s a lot to consider.

If you can secure a deal with a good discount and come in well below market value it may really be worth your while. But do your cash flow thoroughly first!

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