Property Investing - The 18 Year Property Cycle

Property Investing – The 18 Year Property Cycle

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Can you predict how property prices will move, and when the best time is to buy and invest in property? YES! The Property Cycle is typically an 18 year period of time that repeats over and over again, in which historically the property market has moved in a more or less predictable fashion.

Knowledge of the Property Cycle is essential for knowing when to buy, when to sell, and when credit will dry up. So what is it, and where in the Property Cycle are we right now? Let’s check it out…

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  1. Great video gents. I've heard of a 10 Year cycle, but not 18. Interesting. Might be a bit dangerous to think of it too simply, past events aren't necessarily future indicators and all that. Good general rule though, to be sure. In saying that, I'm considering downsizing my portfolio to hold cash to capture cheaper property (or commercial) a little further down the line.

  2. Spot on. Is it that property prices follow the trends of the stock market ie when it is up, property is up and when down it follows?

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