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I received lots of question regarding the concern of property bubble in Malaysia and I’ve decided to do some ground work.
After attending a private preview launch of a property launch in Bangsar, I can confidently said that there’s still demand for great products in the market. This is when I realized the issue of the wealth gap.
The rich continues to educate themselves, attending seminars and doing their own research in order to find great deals while the average joes continue to hear from people who complains about how terrible is the market.
This video is to encourage young investor wannabes to take action in finding out the property climate yourself. Go visit sales galleries, seminars or speak to property players and you will find that the buying has not been stopping. Also, it’s extremely important to know the person that is giving you advise on property investment. Why depend on others when you can depend on yourself?!

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  1. Amazing that you expose your kindergarten advice. It is the end of cement property investment in the near coming future. Nobody can afford useless and empty houses that are excessively overpriced for nothing. Learn the Age of Aquarius. People are buying travel experiences to treasure golden memories rather cement properties that is full of emptiness. Can't you see the bearish property market is a GLOBAL issue? Cement production & useless property development is polluting the environment unnecessarily, destroying the earth, abusing sacred land, forest and animals. This useless cement property industry is deforestating the trees that provide you oxygen to live. For your information, you are dependent on trees EVERY 30 seconds to breathe and survive.

    If you stop breathing for a minute, you may not survive. Instead of appreciating this abundance of life, you advocate and promote the killing of trees that SUSTAIN your life. Wake up.

    Constant breathing of bad air quality can shorten your lifespan, increases inflammatory diseases and pain. People are appreciating health over useless properties to long over 100 years.

    Wake up. The pricing will continue to drop and many are selling it. Only unawakened ones are stil buying. The wise had warned many years AHEAD of time. It is already down & keep going down. You lack foresight, clairvoyance & the grasp of global economics making you incapable of lifting the veil to see the reality.

  2. Appreciate your reply . And thanks for your opinion given. I do agree wth u.
    Another issue is airbnb. I saw a lot project come wth grr and running air bnb. I think tis is another trap!
    Alot seminar got " professor" airbnb. Give talk to investor mislead that airbnb must sure win in profit .
    Hope u have this kind for video abt airbnd ,grr project soon.

  3. Do u real estate before ? . normally small unit is sticker by developer or agents themselves before show to public.
    Now property price was drop 10/20/30% . Tis call bubble ? No.!
    Developer wont die. Die only the buyer ! Profit for developer is very very very high !
    Yes, land cost , material and labour cost will grow up. But profit for the developer will go down .

  4. You are looking at launches. Market conditions and trends are based on a wider sampling, statistics.

    You mentioned that the rich educate themselves and yes, they get the good properties and buy and sell among themselves.

    You are missing out on the "overage joes (sic)" and look at what they can afford vs what is out there. There is a massive mismatch and hence unsold properties – too expensive for the average buyer and too cheap for the rich. A lot of developers are holding and suffering. A lot of people who bought during the DIBS are holding to empty properties with no yield.

    On the macro scene, this is bad for the economy. Resources are misallocated. This is macroeconomics and you are not addressing it at all.

  5. let the bubble burst but Private sector Monopoly of Housing must end. A look at Hong Kong property prices and how greedy private developers are the unmistakable future if this continues is smaller and smaller flats, more and more expensive apartments and we end up with only the very Rich have houses. Private developers building affordable homes is a fantasy and current Private housing developers only want to sell at highest prices possible to maximize profit.

    Its high time a Housing board like Singapore be instituted to take over this market whereby the private sector has no interest in. To avoid housing bubble the Govt can change the model to Rent only at very low prices like 100 to 200 but lifetime rent rate.or rent control like in Germany. In this way zero housing bubble and affordable homes at both acheived. IF follow ideas its just Rich getting Richer scheme. There is no point in pouring so much money into concrete and maintaining this Ponzi scheme Ideas are so fond of in service of the Rich.

  6. The property bubble will not burst, it will continue to blow bigger. However, many home foreclosure is expected for those that have lost their livelihood, and their next job cannot earn enough to pay loan.

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