How to Start the BEST Real Estate Wholesaling Business?

How to Start the BEST Real Estate Wholesaling Business?

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Sam and Daniel Kwak “The Kwak Brothers” are #RealEstate #Investors and #Developers in the #Chicagoland area! They fix, flip and rent homes to families! As millennials, they love to have fun and create #profits!

Wholesaling is a great strategy that requires little to no money down. It does however take immense amount of effort, knowledge and relationships to create a successful wholesaling business model. Here in this training, Sam Kwak will show you an overview on how wholesaling works and how you can grow your business as a real estate wholesaler.

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  1. where does the $100k come from??? Another investor???? It sounds good in theory but you make it too confusing…. anybody knows that if you buy a house at 60 under market value you have room to make money but you as the wholesaler:   where is your name??? are you listed as a second lien holder????

  2. Where can I get all of these contracts that I need to wholesale? At the end of the day I will be sending the contracts to an attorney to revise them.

  3. Hi Sam. I'm new to Renatus and they bragged about you at the workshop. Looking forward to meeting you. I am looking to start off wholesaling properties to get some active cash flow going then wanted to start fixing to have passive income. Loved this video and I signed up for the webinar. Whatever advice you can give, I'd appreciate it.

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