How To MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS Flipping & Wholesaling Houses In Your First Year (Interview)

How To MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS Flipping & Wholesaling Houses In Your First Year (Interview)

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Please excuse the wind in the beginning. It goes away! 🙂

Come listen to my interview about my real estate investing journey on the Opt Out Life Podcast.

Here’s what’s inside the interview:

– How I Went From Making Sandwiches For $10 Bucks An Hour At Age 19 To Generating Well Over A Million Dollars By Age 20

– The Audacity To Reach Out & Be Relentless

– Making $22,000 On My First #RealEstateDeal

– #FlippingHouses & #WholesalingHouses 101

– How I Wholesaled A House While At #Coachella

– Thoughts On Getting A Real Estate License As A #RealEstateInvestor

– How To Live At The Beach And Sip Piña Coladas!

Here’s how the Opt Out Life describes the episode:

We call this episode “Fearlessly Find It, Fix It, Flip It . . . But Learn First” because our guest Alex Martinez has no fear. Now just 26 years old, Alex has made a career as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, by becoming a master at acquiring “deals”.

But Alex’s most powerful skill is his fearlessness. As you’ll hear from his story, the death of a close family friend in college triggered a change in Alex’s mindset. He didn’t want to miss opportunities and end up with regret. Alex “figured this out” at a surprisingly young age. In college, he won business plan competitions and was an founding member of the Entrepreneur Society at SDSU. While still in school, he took a job with the founders of the hit TV show “Flip This House” and took the opportunity by the horns to secure dozens of new acquisitions for the company in his first year.

His experience learning how to source, negotiate and acquire real estate kickstarted a young career as both a real estate investor and entrepreneur. In recent years, Alex has founded his own real estate business, as well as an education business that teaches people how to get started as real estate investors.

It’s great to get an episode that talks a lot about real estate, because owning real estate is a key pillar in what we call the Opt Out Life.

Note that Alex is our youngest guest to date, but that should tell you something . . . this kid has it figured out. We both have a ton of respect for his work ethic, attitude, and knowledge. Listen to Alex’s story to get reinvigorated about your own ventures, and to pick up some actionable tips on how to acquire and finance real estate deals.

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