How To Fill Out The Purchase Agreement | Wholesaling Real Estate Contracts

How To Fill Out The Purchase Agreement | Wholesaling Real Estate Contracts

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Contracts for Wholesaling:

How to Fill out a Real Estate Contract for Wholesaling Houses, More Specifically The Purchase Agreement. Hit SUBSCRIBE for more insane value!

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  1. Can you please clarify something for me, been confusing me for a while, i've watched a dozen videos on how to fill out contracts, but some of them are both the purchase and sales agreement, some are one or the other etc. If you are using a purchase agreement and assignment contract, is the purchase agreement ONLY have the seller and the contract purchasers name on it, and the assignment ONLY has the assignor and the assignee's names on it?

    Secondly, if the seller is selling for 150K, but they have to pay closing fees and realtor commissions, do you subtract that from the 150K, or do you just explain they will have to pay those as well?

  2. I like the fact that you gave out the contracts for free I gave you a thumbs up on it but can you please be more specific on the terms on the contract

  3. So you need to have a buyer in place before you get a contract? If not, how long would you hold the property while you seek a buyer?

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