How a Startup is Beating the Billion Dollar Real Estate Industry - Beer and Business S1E8

How a Startup is Beating the Billion Dollar Real Estate Industry – Beer and Business S1E8

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How a Startup is Beating the Billion Dollar Real Estate Industry! In this episode of A Beer And Business, Tom Ellsworth, the Biz Doc, Interviews Cassie Brown. She is dynamic entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in the rental sector of the multi-billion dollar real estate market and is CRUSHING IT. Her company Smart City Apartment Locating helps qualified Renters work through that grind of finding a new home by serving them with excellence. Come hear about how she did it, how she’s expanding and how she creates a great culture along the way.

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  1. Clothes are just a matter of choice. Some like the feel of wearing suits and some don't, so why care so much if someone is wearing a suit. She says she doesn't care about the clothes but by emphasizing so much on it shows that she actually believes the choice of clothes matters. And obviously her choice of clothing is very strategic because she believes it is welcoming to her customers and makes them feel at ease.
    In the end your product/service matters and I think people know this since the last 20-25 years so she is doing nothing new there.
    Steve Jobs was doing it a long time ago.

  2. My daughter and niece are lucky enough to be the sorts of people that Cassie has working for her at Smart City ATX. They LOVE their job and Cassie is the right kind of leader to inspire her agents, who then take that energy and passion and help clients meet their needs. Fantastic interview and fantastic boss!!

  3. If apartment complexes are finding it difficult to fill up their units and have to reduce rents, maybe we are headed towards a recession.

  4. Smart city appartment interview

    Build ur business about what u know

    Hire value not ecperience

    If u dont have goals u dont have happiness

    U have to be there to grow fast and well

    Energy is key

    Just do it no regrets

  5. Very much enjoyed this episode. You sound exactly like the type of person I would want to work for and even strive to become. Kinda reminds me of Kyle Porter over at Salesloft.

  6. Huge respect for building a business based on service and good people. Tons of value and inspiration. Thanks, Tom and Cassie!

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