FREE Property Management Business Plan

FREE Property Management Business Plan

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Thinking of starting your own Property Management Business? Patrick Rogers offers his personal business plan for FREE, that he and his wife used to quickly develop their Property Management Business from the ground up.
Inside this FREE Business Plan download, he shares secrets that can quickly build your property management business.

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  1. you should make a video that describes the types of duties a property manager does as knowledge required. I am slightly interested but have no idea what they do other than make sure the property is up to code.

  2. The catch is that you get 70% off the Business Plan… You need to drop the word free out of the title… If it was free I would buy a up grade but this is a simple bait and switch deal…. Its Not Free… I know you get what you pay, and why would you let it go for free…

  3. Hi Patrick. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. This is fantastic information.

    Question, how are Property Managers remunerated via the rent paid from the property. Is it a percentage of the monthly rental amount?

  4. Glad to hear that people are enjoying the free property management business plan. By the way it is 100% free.  After you enter your name and email on the site :, it is automatically emailed to your inbox.  You are brought directly to a sales page where I sell my Rents2Riches Fast Track System, but the actual business plan is in fact free.

  5. Hi Patrick,Iam not able to pay you through my credit or debit card.Pl suggest some other means of payment.Iam sure the fast fast track will reach my home after payment.

  6. No catch. The business plan is free. If you want to buy our Fast Track, we do charge for that. The business plan is WHAT to do in starting your property management business and the Fast Track is the HOW to do it. Thanks Marcus!

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