Do Real Estate Agents Have To Tell Buyers A House Is Haunted? | Don't Be Dumb

Do Real Estate Agents Have To Tell Buyers A House Is Haunted? | Don’t Be Dumb

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You know how when someone is murdered in a house the realtor has to tell you all about it? They might not, after all! Your couch could be on top of a bloodstain and you’d never know. Here’s why.

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  1. My house had a triple murder-suicide,
    Got it at a fantastic price! 
    My family and I are happy, 
    It's not so bad, 
    Once you get used to the screaming…

  2. Since it is the Lunar New Year, you should do a video about whether it is true or not that hospitals and ERs are more busy & the police arrest people more during full moons…  I'm a time traveler and the future Josh sent me to suggest this to set the present Josh straight.

  3. Hey Josh.

    I recently discovered the SYSK podcast and I am in fact addicted. Coincidentally, I just listened to the "Why you can't kick SYSK" episode. Yeah, I went into the archive and started from the very beginning. I listen to it all day whilst I work, and sometimes right before sleep. I'm late to the game but I'll be getting the TV show episodes soon. 

    Keep up the excellent work, as its currently my favorite thing on youtube and in the world. Never let this die.

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