Create A Life Management Binder | Get Your Life Together in 14 Days [Day 3] | Responsible Human

Create A Life Management Binder | Get Your Life Together in 14 Days [Day 3] | Responsible Human

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In this video I show you my life management binder!

☞ Printouts:
( I wanted to share my design on Canva so you guys can edit it, but I couldn’t figure it out after 2 days and I even emailed Canva! This is a PDF of the pages, I hope it’s still helpful! )

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  1. I’m on holidays in Mexico and just contemplated going to buy a binder before we go home. PLEASE do a budget video!!

  2. that's funny because 117 is the number I have to call to hear voice messages on my phone hahaha and 112 the emergencies one (in Spain)

  3. Great System, I have a similar system in my bullet journal and I love it. I am so much more organized since I started it. 🙂 I love this series, thank you.

  4. Could you do a video on meal planning, prep and meal ideas? One of my goals is to plan my meals better so I'm not always eating out!

  5. as a uni student, I don't need all of these, but I'll def add some to my planner! all the emergency numbers, in general and university-wise, are saved in my phone

  6. I like this idea, but I have all of this in my planner. Most planner companies incorporate these ideas into their designs. I've never been a fan of binders and sleeve protectors; it feels too clinical to me.

  7. Your teeth look extra white in this video. I love the idea of this binder & so practical. Where would you guys like to travel to in 2019 please?
    Greetings from South Africa

  8. I love this! I'm getting married this summer, and I think this would be something to do with my husband that'll be super helpful.

  9. This is an insanely good video! I'm a family of one lol so I'm good for now, but I will definitely remember this when I want to use it 🙂 Amazing series!

  10. OneNote… Then you can access it from your smartphone, as well as share and edit with your partner (it will say who wrote what) etc. whilst keeping the same folder structure as in your video, plus it's free. I'm using it since Nov 2016, and I can say that I "remember" that, as everything done in it is dated. It's automatically backed up, so one less thing to grab in case of a fire. I have a lot of stuff in it, be it recipes, inbox for thoughts, various lists (weekend trips ideas, maybe later lists, shopping lists, wishlist etc.), checklists in case of different events, a lot of notes from Uni etc.

  11. I really liked this! I do my meal planning in my calendar but I should probably put some of these things in a binder 🙂

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