Before and After Real Estate Office Remodel (Blue Steel)

Before and After Real Estate Office Remodel (Blue Steel)

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I did a before and after video a while back of the 68,000 square foot commercial building I bought this year. I showed some of the real estate office but that was a super long video. Over an hour long! I wanted to make a shorter video of just the office and talk a little more about it.

You can see all the work we have done on it and what it looked like before we moved in. I also show the golf simualtor up and running! It has been fun and crazy starting a real estate office, but it is nota huge money maker. That is fine with me as it is a huge benefit to my real estate investing business .

Here is the super long video of the whole buidling.

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  1. Isn’t greely Co the same place where the guy build the “killdozer” and ran over a bunch of the city buildings? Have any addition info on that?

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