5 Things NO ONE Tells you about HOAs.

5 Things NO ONE Tells you about HOAs.

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Homeowners association’s (HOAs) are pretty typically hated. What are you not being told about them for real estate investing and getting stared, noob vs pro style? ✅Real Estate 💵 Investing 💵 w/ MENTORING:
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  1. BOOOO, what happened to your new video on 1/11/19? It popped into my notifications and when I clicked to watch it was not there. Not on your channel either. Did you remove it? Or is my phone just retarded?

  2. Really?? my HOA keeps raising the fees every year, cutting all trees down and does not include any utility…they were sued and threatening to rase the fees again because even more because insurance is going up!
    If there is an earthquake they do an estimate and can up dramatically!!
    I follow rule, but they don’t.

  3. Loved this video Kevin! Jack's an awesome kid, must have great parents! And we have lived in many different HOA neighborhoods for nearly 20 years, and really appreciate them for the value they help us keep in our homes.

  4. My biggest issue with living under an HOA is paying the dues. I won't use the gym or the pool, and I probably don't have anything nice to say to the guy fining me for not bringing my trash in on time cause I got home from work a bit late. Too many horror stories for me to be comfortable living in an HOA neighborhood; however, I'm all for buying investment properties in HOA neighborhoods so long as they keep those home values rising and they don't drive out my tenants.

  5. Real Estate agents need to explain to new HOA buyers the pitfalls of what can go wrong. For instance in an HOA you give up your constitutional right to due process. If the Board decides to take your property left outside your house or townhouse they can do so and the police will do nothing about it as it's considered a civil matter.

  6. Kevin, real estate practices have been deteriorating. Before the real estate bubbles. HOA documents use to be for free. Also escrow came up with creative ways to charge more fees. I am currently on a HOA board. I notice this management company using exclusive vendors and contractors. Even for projects costing over $10,000, they rarely submit multiple estimates. They cite unqualified contractors, no response from other contractors, and this contractor is more reliable as some of their excuses for having exclusive contractor? Cost seems to be noticeably higher. Is it a common practice for management company to get kick backs (non-monetary favors) by having exclusive contractors, who charges HOA higher prices? How can homeowners or HOA board protect themselves from such practices? Also, there are only 4 members in this HOA board, because no body wants to serve. also, voting for a board member do not count, because only 25% of people vote. our CC&R requires more than 50% voter turnout to be counted. Thus, management company views homeowners as tenants. They think they will never be replace. If these are the common industry practices, HOA are bad. Stay away from them.

  7. What's wrong with baby blue paint? I live in an HOA, (Don't recommend it) and there is many blue houses in here. Hasn't affected my value. The more the HOA has control over, ins, utilities etc, the bigger the problem.

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